Science of the Sea, Marine Education, Ocean Art

Put simply, mango SEA is all about marine and environmental art and education.

With a background in art, marine biology and environmental education, Margot combines all these skills to create artwork, take people down to the seaside to explore the rockpools, and develop education products and resources with the aim of making learning interesting and fun!

The world is losing many beautiful animal species, and our natural environment damaged, so we are interested in doing our part to help conserve species and sustain natural environments for the health of the planet and for future generations. Every individual of a species matters! A school of fish is not a school without each individual ...

After all, the natural world is an amazing and inspiring place ...  I hope my art conveys my passion for ocean wildlife and the educational messages it contains helps generate a new or deeper love and care of it.

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artworks of sharks, whales, dolphins and other marine wildlife.


My artwork is a mix of illustrations, gouache water colour and acrylic ink. I create many images of sharks as I have a passion for them, but also because they are such important animals in our marine ecosystems. Large sharks are apex predators and changes in their populations affect entire ecosystems. Worldwide populations are being decimated, 100,000,000 are killed each year for the shark fin industry, and this dramatic reduction has enormous negative impacts on our oceans. Whether you like sharks or not, we need them to keep our oceans healthy. The ocean provides over half the oxygen we breathe, so we need sharks to play their role in maintaining ecosystem health.

Other favourite subjects include whales, dolphins and other sea animals. We are lucky to see whales migrate along the east coast of Australia, with Humpbacks putting on great displays. They head north to warmer waters around May for the Winter months , and then head south to return to Antarctica between August and November. At the other end of the size spectrum, I also create a variety of other organisms that live or wash up on the beaches in my local area. The Glaucus atlanticus, a small blue sea slug, used in the Mango SEA logo is an example.

My artwork is often of a single animal on its own. I like to represent an individual animal of a species, to focus on it without any others, because each species has a role in its environment and each individual makes up that species' population. No animal can survive on its own, it needs others of its kind to reproduce, therefore, each individual makes up a group and each individual matters. 




Rockpool Adventures


Norah Head, Central Coast, NSW. 



During school holidays. At low tides, therefore times always change..

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What to bring?

Shoes for walking on rocks and that may get wet. Hats, sunscreen, water bottle.

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