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About MangoSEA

Put simply, Mango SEA is all about marine and environmental art and education.


With a background in art, marine biology and environmental education, Mango SEA’s founder Margot, combines all these skills to create artwork for your home, and provide educational information about the ocean and environment for everyone. 


Drawing animals since she could hold a pencil, she was always fascinated and somewhat obsessed with the natural world, particularly how animals live within their environment. You could say she was a budding biologist and scientific illustrator right from the get-go.


​Like with most things in life, the path is not always straightforward, and after initially pursuing art studies and working in the graphic design industry, she returned to university to study marine biology, and then post-graduate studies in Science Communication, focusing on education.


So, with 14 years working as an environmental educator under her belt, for government departments and not-for-profit organisations, her three-tracked path led her to create Mango SEA four years ago, merging her passions into a melting pot of science, education and art, all of which overlap and interconnect.



The natural world and its inhabitants are the passion and focus that drives Mango SEA, so it is its aim to use art, scientific knowledge and education to understand the world we live in, to conserve species and stimulate or deepen a love for the natural world ..  For the planet that we rely on and call home. We are losing many beautiful animal species, and our natural environment being damaged, so Mango SEA is interested in doing its part to sustain natural environments for the health of the planet and for future generations.



Every individual of a species matters! A school of fish is not a school without each individual ...
Let’s make each one count!


After all, the natural world is an amazing and inspiring place ...


It is hoped that Mango SEA's art conveys a passion for ocean wildlife and the educational messages it contains help generate a new or deeper connection and care of it.​

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