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Leggings featuring print design of orginal Mango SEA watercolour paintings of Glaucus atlanticus and other oceanic sea creatures.


Glaucus atlanticus is represented in my logo because I think it's a fascinating and beautiful ocean animal. It floats around on the surface of the ocean, with other blue animals (some featured on these leggings) and is washed ashore on the east coast of Australia during the summer months.


This product is proudly 100% Australain Made. The creation of this item supports multiple Australian businesses - from my artwork and design, to the Australian fabric mill, the fabric printer, and production team putting the final garment together.


This cotton lycra fabric provides comfort and breathability for both leisure and active wear, and the wide waistband means no uncomfortable tightness. It could even have you feeling like you are floating along like a Glaucus.


Material: 90% Cotton 10% Spandex


Washing: Gentle cold machine wash. No dryer, bleach or wringing.

'Glaucus & Friends'

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