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Mango SEA shark design leggings are inspired by the acknowledgement and respect of sharks by many indigenous ocean cultures, and their use as totems. I created the mandala design from shapes of shark teeth, fins, gills and nostrils. Sharks play a vital role as apex predators in our ocean ecosystems, keeping our oceans healthy. They are worth honouring.


This product is proudly 100% Australain Made. The creation of this item supports multiple Australian businesses - from my artwork and design, to the Australian fabric mill, the fabric printer, and production team putting the final garment together.


This cotton lycra fabric provides comfort and breathability for both leisure and active wear. Unlike shark skin, which is rough, this feels like a smooth second skin.


Material: 90% cotton, 10% spandex


Washing: Gentle cold machine wash. No dryer, bleach or wringing.

'Shark Mandala' Leggings

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